Nagaland State Lottery Today Result 11AM and 8PM Online
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Nagaland State Lottery Today Result 11AM and 8PM Online

Nagaland State Lottery Today Result 11AM and 8PM

Nagaland State Lottery: Nagaland State Lotteries today result 8 PM and 11AM. Nagaland State Lottery 8.00pm and 11.55am today result at Nagaland State Lotteries today day result will publish at 8.00pm and Nagaland State Lotteries today morning result will publish at 11.00am. Please check the results with relevant Official Government Gazette( or else you will be disappointed after when you get to know the original gazette.

Nagaland State Lottery Today Result

In India, gambling laws are usually influenced by the state policies. There are some states where lotteries are banned while there are many who actually cite lotteries as a key source of revenue generations. This article will support to know your Nagaland State lottery by online, using your Tablets, cell phone, and PCs. It is a fact that after liquor business, lotteries generate the highest revenues. Nagaland including 11 other Indian states has legalized lotteries.  As this complete lottery business between dissimilar states are authorized by the state government of the individual states to help people to eliminate their financial crises and thereby making them rich.



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Nagaland and the state lottery

Nagaland is a beautiful state located in the north-eastern part of India. According to the census of India 2011, this state is a home to nearly 2 million people.  Nagaland State Lottery was recognized in the year 1972 and the purpose of this implementation was to generate the revenue. Here multiple draws are played on a weekly basis. This state is rich in the cultural legacy and a home of 16 major tribes that has own traditions has a good economy. From Agriculture to tourism, there are a lot of economic activities taking place. One such significant economic activity is the Nagaland state lottery. The Directorate of Nagaland State lotteries is established by the Government of Nagaland. It has been established under the finance department for the main purpose of generating revenue.


The lotteries are entirely organized and conducted under the supervision of Nagaland government. Kerala government’s lottery section has workplaces in all the 14 region capitals. There are approx. to 40000 authorized agents, about 1.4 lakh retail vendors, unregistered vendors, and about 70 lakh tickets are in sell on a daily basis under many brand names.

Headed by Government of India Lotteries (Regulation) Act, 1998

The Directorate of Nagaland state lotteries was established in 1972. The Nagaland State Lotteries (Regulation) Rules states that only this committee can act as selling agent that organize, conducts, and market lotteries in Nagaland. It is headed by the Government of India Lotteries (Regulation) Act, 1998. Hence, the Nagaland State Lotteries Rules can be amended from time to time, but only after the agreement of provisions of GOIL Act,1998.

Key rules and regulations

Basically, the Nagaland state lotteries follow these chief rules and regulations Act which are the Lotteries Regulations 2010, the Lotteries Act,1998, the Nagaland Lottery Regulations 2007, Nagaland state lotteries regulations 1972 and Nagaland state online lotteries rules 2003.


Types of lotteries

Every day three lottery results are published by Nagaland state. They are of morning, afternoon and evening. While every week, there are seven kinds of lotteries published. The draws for daily lotteries are organized at 8 PM. The names morning lottery results are based on bird names. Let’s us look at these morning lottery results names.

  • For Sunday, it is Dear Hawk morning
  • For Monday, it is Dear Flamingo morning
  • For Tuesday, it is Dear Parrot morning
  • For Wednesday, it is Dear Eagle morning
  • For Thursday, it is Dear Falcon morning
  • For Friday, it is Dear Vulture morning
  • For Saturday, it is Dear Ostrich morning

Let’s look at the Nagaland afternoon lottery results names.

  • For Sunday, it is Future Huge
  • For Monday, it is Future Massive
  • For Tuesday, it is Future Immense
  • For Wednesday, it is Future Vast
  • For Thursday, it is Future Infinite
  • For Friday, it is Future Enormous
  • For Saturday, it is Future Colossal

Now, the evening names of lottery results. It is inspired by good qualities of human being.

  • For Sunday, it is Dear Tender evening
  • For Monday, it is Dear Gentle evening
  • For Tuesday, it is Dear Since evening
  • For Wednesday, it is Dear Loving evening
  • For Thursday, it is Dear Faithful evening
  • For Friday, it is Dear Find evening
  • For Saturday, it is Dear Tender evening

The weekly lotteries

The weekly lotteries are conducted on a particular day of the week at 4.00PM. The weekly lotteries named as Singam Zeal, Singam delight, Singam dignity, Singam Vigor, Singam Energy and Singam Great.

The prize amount and the cost of lottery tickets

  • The cost of lottery tickets are only Rs. 10
  • The first prize amount of the Nagaland State lotteries is a whopping sum of Rs.51 lakhs.
  • Rs. 9500 is the second prize while Rs. 9000 is the third prize amount.
  • The lotteries also have fourth and fifth prize winners that are Rs 1000 and Rs. 600 correspondingly.

Finally, all these are the prizes which you can claim as per your number of winning. So while claiming, you should carefully fill all the compulsory details like your Full Name, House address, lottery ticket number and all these details should be in Captial Letters.


As this was the complete details about Nagaland State Lottery. And the government is running this lottery system so that persons can get a chance to become rich in a short time. Some people who are a serious necessity of money can take part in this game, and try the luck which is lawful rather committing any crime. This lottery trade also converts the revenue source of government. The income produced from this state lottery are used for Public good.


So, now it’s your turn to check your luck with Nagaland State Lottery! As daily everybody sees dream to earn lottery. So buy today the lottery tickets and try your luck…

Note: – Here is Nagaland State Lotteries Today Result, you can check your Winning lottery Numbers here if you match with the original Gazette you are the winner. Today’s Draw winners should verify the winning lottery numbers with a print out of the original results published in the Kerala State Govt Gazette and submit the tickets within 1 month.


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